Sunday, August 12, 2012

The Countdown Begins

Finding books in a student's interest area is important to the success of my reading program

Good afternoon to all,

If you are like me, the days from the middle of August until Labor Day are always filled with apprehension. Here in Michigan, we cannot start school until after Labor Day. This is to help our tourism industry but assuring that families are still available for travel through the end of August.

But teachers start their work long before Labor Day. Most school districts have teachers report the last week of August. Many districts conduct their professional development days during this time. In fact, I'll be presenting to Wayland Middle School, Wayland, Michigan on the use of the Concept Mastery Routine which is part of the Strategic Instruction Model from the University of Kansas.

I've received several emails this summer from middle school teachers who are implementing Daily 5 this year. Every one has questions about how to do this.

I will share what I have done in 2 years of use of Daily 5 in grades 6 - 8. But I'd love to hear from you-questions you have about Daily 5 in middle school and stories of success and challenges you have faced as you seek to implement Daily 5 & CAFE menu in these crucial middle grades.

Looking forward to hearing from many of you.

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