Friday, December 3, 2010

Daily Five ™

I am new to the world of Daily Five but I can see how hard the Daily Five company works. They have a very effective distribution system to help teachers across the world access and use their material. I appreciation their great entrepreneurial spirit. That is why I contacted about using Daily Five in the title of my blog.

I received a warm response from them and learned that I must include a trademark symbol whenever I"m using the term Daily Five. So my blog title has now changed to include the trademark TM. However this blogging platform will not allow me to place the TM in the body of this blog.

The Two Sisters stated they would like to see my blog. It would be great to share my work with the greater Daily 5 world. But more importantly, I would like to hear from others using the Daily 5/Cafe Menu at the middle school level. Are you out there?

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